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Reese's Candy is the best! 015

A Song...
Mocking Birds don't everyone have you herd (have you herd)
She's gonna buy me a mocking bird (mocking bird)
and if that mocking bird dont sing (bird dont sing)
She's gonna buy me a diamond ring  (diamond ring)
AND if that diamond ring dont shine (ring don't shine)

A Game..
L: Your it
H: Your it
L: Your it quinces
H: Antiquinces your it quitses, No Antiquinces No Starties
L:You can't do that
H: Can too
L:  Can not stamp it
H: Can too Double stamped it no erasies
L:Can not triple stampies no erasies, touch blue make it through
H:You can't triple stamp and double stamp loyd
You can't triple stamp and double stamp loyd

"Well lets put another shrimp on the boby"
"Suck me sideways"
"What's that matter? Little nervese about the trip? Sitiscally Mary they say that 4 out 5 crashes are going to the airport. Like a head on crash, or getting traped under a air tank, now that's the one. Well I have this cousin, well I HAD this cousin and :b"
"I don't think I can exept that Mary, not after all we've been through together"
"I hate goodbyes"
"Good bye my LOVE!!"
"They always freak out when you leave the scene of the accident"
"Oh yea, she sucked me in like a tracter beam. She flew to Aspin and out of my life and left this in enternial love"
"Well I guess their right when they say 'Tho Senior Citizens old and dangerous behind the wheel can still serve a purpose' now don't you go dying on me!"
"I got robbed by a sweet old lady!"
"You know my pet bird Pete, he died. His head fell off, yea he was pretty old"
"We got no food we got no jobs, are pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"
"I sold some stuff to Billy in 4C. The blind kid?! WHat did you sell him Loyd? You know, a few baseball cards, a sack of marbels, *cough* pete. Pete?! You sold him my dead bird?! Pete didn't even have a head! I took care of it"
"It's like your running at a incrediable rate"
"Kick his ass Seabass"
"Barry the hatchet"
"Seabass and the fellas offerd to pick up our check, their really nice. Well if that's Seabass over."
"They caught up with them half mile down the road, and slit their througt, pretty good huh?"
"A philly break your heart? No it was a girl"
"What's the chances of a girl like me and a guy like you ending up together? Not good. Like 1 out of 100? More like 1 out of a million. So your saying I got a chance?! Oh yea!"
"Well what was all that one in a million talk?"

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